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Autoserv - Emergency Locksmith: About Us

Hey Wheaton and beyond, got a lock that's acting up or a key playing hide and seek? Don't you worry! We at Autoserv - Emergency Locksmith are on standby, ready to swoop in and save the day (or night) with our trusty tools and know-how.

Our Services

Let's talk brass tacks. Need a new lock? We've got a variety for every style and budget. Locked out? We'll get you back in before your coffee gets cold. Car keys being stubborn? We'll sort them out faster than you can say "locksmith Wheaton". And hey, we don't just stop at emergencies.

Thinking about upgrading your home security? We're all over that too. Our team's got the skills to make your place master-level secured.

Our Service Areas

Now, we might be called Autoserv - Emergency Locksmith, but our services aren't just for Wheaton folks. We've got a 15-mile radius covered. Whether you're lounging in Silver Spring, hustling in Bethesda, or chilling in Rockville, we're just a call away. Need us in a jiffy? We're there.

Why Us? 'Cause We're Just Like You

There When You Need Us: Got a lock issue at an odd hour? We're on it 24/7.

Local Through and Through: We know Wheaton and the surrounding areas like the back of our hand.

Down-to-Earth Team: Our crew is skilled, sure, but they're also just regular, friendly folks.

Customized to Your Needs: Your lock problem isn't like anyone else's, and we get that.

In a Nutshell

Next time your lock decides to go rogue or your keys take a vacation without you, remember Autoserv - Emergency Locksmith is ready to jump into action. We're your neighborhood lock experts - always ready, always nearby, and always eager to help.

You Local 24/7 Locksmith Team
Lock & Key Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We provide fast, professional reliable locksmith services 24/7 for automobile lockouts, residential home lockouts and business locksmith needs.
Our technicians are licensed and insured and stand by our workmanship 100%.
Autoserv - Emergency Locksmith
Phone: 301-579-7096 [map & reviews]
Hours: Monday through Sunday, all day
Dispatch: 2401 University Blvd W, Wheaton, MD 20902
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